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Discover the history of Château de Charmeil.

Built in 1729, the Château de Charmeil was successively, over the centuries, a place of residence, a place of pleasure with restaurant, then a resort for the government, before taking on its most recent function of  Luxury Guestrooms.

The story

of the castle

Gabriel DOUET is the son of Charles DOUET, governor for the king in Vichy. Gabriel is a squire and adviser to the Parliament of Paris, it is he who built the castle in 1729.

The domain of Charmeil passes, by successive marriages to François de MASCRANY, count of Château Chinon, then by his daughter to Jacques de Clermont Mont Saint Jean.

  • In 1793 the castle was confiscated, but it will be returned to Jacques de Clermont under the restoration.

  • In 1870, the castle belonged to Count Ernest Brunet d'Evry.

  • In 1890, while Vichy was in vogue for its thermal baths, thanks to Napoleon III, the castle was transformed into a place of pleasure with a restaurant to welcome tourists from hydrotherapy.

Built in 1729
By Gabriel DOUET

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At the start of the 20th century, the Vichy guide mentions “Large 18th century villa which has been transformed into a hotel restaurant.» Interrupted during the Great War, the hotel business resumed at the end of the conflict under the leadership of its owner since 1926, Mr. Gabriel JULIEN. The Charmeil castle remained a very famous hotel restaurant until 1938.

The following year, it was requisitioned by the services of the Vichy aviation camp, then reserved as a summer resort for the government. Since 1965, it has been privately owned.

In 2020, the castle, dormant for several years, and very degraded, is taken over to create a luxury guest house.

Transformed in the 20th century
By Gabriel JULIEN

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How to get to the Château?

The Chateau de Charmeil is located 5 kms from the center of the city of Vichy Center.

Below, practical information to access it.

By car

By train

By plane

From Paris or Clermont-Ferrand, take the Vichy exit N12 on the A71 motorway.

From Lyon, direction Vichy, at the entrance to Charmeil, before the church at the traffic lights on the left, rue du château.

From Paris take the train to Paris Bercy station and to Vichy.


From the city of Lyon, take the direct train, Lyon / Vichy.

You can also come by plane and arrive at Charmeil aerodrome.

We can then pick you up by car.

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